Friday, 12 August 2016 00:00

Stakeholder Workshop NAMAs in Pulp and Paper Industry

A stakeholder workshop on development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in pulp and paper industry was successfully held on August 10, 2016 in Hotel The Parklane Jakarta. The workshop was organized by GIZ in collaboration with Ministry of Industry in the frame of PAKLIM Work Area Industry. The workshop was participated by representatives from Ministry of Industry (MoI), Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association (APKI), and Indonesian pulp and paper companies. On behalf of PAKLIM, the international expert, Mr. Axel Michaelowa, and the national expert, Ibu Retno Gumilang Dewi, have presented the interim results of the study on NAMAs development in the pulp and paper industry. The participants were expected to give their feedbacks on the baseline calculation that covers emission coming from energy consumption, waste, and wastewater treatment. Based on inputs from the companies gathered beforehand, there were 7 mitigation action options considered feasible for the NAMAs. Energy efficiency in motor and pump, press system, filter system, and the use of biogas and biomass are some of the mitigation actions and the marginal abatement cost (MAC) curve was also presented and discussed in the workshop. The participants also discussed on co-benefits of the NAMAs that ranges from environment, social and economic perspectives. As important parts of NAMAs development, the experts also presented the possible institutional setting for the NAMAs and Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) framework. Meanwhile, numerous policy instruments were also discussed as possible policy options under the NAMAs. By the end of the workshop, it was concluded that the policy options need to be further scrutinized to obtain the most feasible options for the NAMAs later on.