Monday, 22 February 2016 00:00

Training of Trainers for Eco-mapping in Malang

The Education Agency of Malang City in East Java province and GIZ PAKLIM Work Area 3 on Climate Change Awareness and Education have organized a Training of Trainers workshop on eco-mapping for high schools in Malang.   Held over 4-6 June 2015, the workshop introduced the concept of integrating environmental and climate issues into curricula as the “soul of the schools”. It also provided a solid foundation for teachers to change student attitudes and behavior regarding environmental issues. The training supported efforts by teachers and school leaders to transform their schools into environmentally conscious places with awareness of climate change.   The training was attended by 22 staff from schools in Malang, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and Malang Environment Agency. The teachers learned how to educate and inspire students to have high social and environmental awareness, by going beyond the confines of merely conveying knowledge through rote learning.   The participants undertook an introductory session on eco-mapping to gain a clear understanding of the entire process. They also performed a practical exercise in identifying environmental and climate change issues based on thematic areas such as water, waste/litter and energy, as outlined in the Adiwiyata (Green Schools) program.   The training involved a range of teaching methodologies and was led by Mrs Dwi Iriani and Mrs Tipuk Ujianti, both from State Senior High School 7. Besides presentations to explain new information and ideas, there was also a discussion to obtain participants’ opinions on their findings made during environmental audits of schools, group activities to enable participants to work together, as well as role playing and case studies.   During the three days of training, participants shared their best practices in shifting the paradigm of environment and climate change education through leadership and school culture. Last but not least, they delved deeper into their own environmental action plans, based on school environmental audits conducted prior to the training.   GIZ PAKLIM Work Area 3 and Malang Education Agency will continue to provide support for the development of environmental education that has a sustainable impact across all subjects in schools.