Tuesday, 02 February 2016 00:00

‘Taman Hidup’ Green Space Opened in Probolinggo

An educational community park and herb garden has been opened in Probolinggo, East Java province, enabling people to learn about traditional herbal medicine and environmental conservation.   Taman Hidup (Life Park) was established by the Environmental Studies Tourism Park (Taman Wisata Studi Lingkungkan, TWSL), an institution managed and operated by the local Environmental Agency (Badan Lingkungan Hidup, BLH), in partnership with GIZ PAKLIM WA3.   The park attracts many visitors, especially school students, who can gain practical experience in preserving the environment and learn about the medicinal uses of herbs.   The cooperation with GIZ PAKLIM WA3 supports TWSL’s vision of serving as an environmental education center by offering a wide range of out-of-school learning activities.   The opening of the park on June 11, 2015, was attended by representatives of Probolinggo’s Informal Meeting Forum, 12 local Adiwiyata Independent schools (also known as Green Schools), BLH Probolinggo officials and local environmental education groups.   Taman Hidup raises awareness and knowledge of environmental and climate change issues among students, providing them with hands-on experience and greater understanding of the important benefits of conservation.   TWSL has provided the 12 Adiwiyata Independent schools and environmental education groups with training in gardening. Their knowledge of plants and composting methods was further expanded by Quick Response Codes developed by GIZ PAKLIM WA3 team, so that learning can also be done through smartphones.   Several Probolinggo schools involved in the national Adiwiyata Green School program have been given their own garden beds in Taman Hidup to be utilized and maintained.   “The purpose of this Taman Hidup is to reactivate the cultural and environmental spirit of the Adiwiyata Independent schools,” said BLH Probolinggo head Heru Tutang Aribowo.