Wednesday, 30 December 2015 00:00

Internal Capacity Building on Climate Change

[Yogyakarta, 15 December 2015]. Bappenas, supported by GIZ Paklim, hosted an internal capacity building on climate change for Secretariat RAN-GRK, Secretariat ICCTF, GIZ INFIS, and GIZ Paklim from all work areas in Yogyakarta, 13-15 December 2015. The workshop was opened by Director for Environment BAPPENAS, Mrs Wahyuningsih Darajati and GIZ Programme Director Environment and Climate Change, Mr Stefan Bundscherer. The workshop consisted of presentations on update information on INDC, progress on MRV, SIGN SMART system, ICCTF work update, RAN-GRK Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting calculation for each sector as well as Business-as-Usual (BAU) Baseline calculation of each sector. The presentations were given by GIZ Paklim, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, ICCTF Secretariat, and RAN-GRK Secretariat.   The presentations generated fruitful discussions among participants, including discussions on how to define business as usual baseline, how to address the gap between GHG inventory and BAU Baseline calculation based on experience from Central Java, where are the challenges in data collection, and how to synergise the work of ICCTF with RAN-GRK. The workshop received positive feedbacks from the participants.