Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00

Sharing and Networking on ISO 26000:CSR

Surabaya, 17 November 2015. Since 2014, PAKLIM organizes workshops on ISO 26000: CSR, where it is concluded that participants from pulp and paper industry need to receive support and commitment from management to explore the possibilities of implementing ISO 26000 internally. After series of Workshops of CSR based on ISO 26000, Pulp and Paper Association (APKI) together with PAKLIM organized the Final Sharing and Networking Workshop in Pulp and Paper industry at Surabaya on 17th November 2015. The workshop is intended to share and have dialogue with APKI board member concerning the results from activities on ISO 26000. PAKLIM saw this opportunity to bridge the Workshop with future activity on NAMAs development and field visit on green technology to Germany. The Workshop was attended by Mr. Misbahul Huda, the APKI Chairman.   Mr Misbahul Huda explained that around one hundreds paper companies in West Java have collapsed due to the current economic crisis. He hoped the President Jokowi’s program ‘Paket Ekonomi VI’ able to boost current situation. Despite of the challenge, he was expecting that the Sharing and Networking workshop could be a platform of business people to consult, consolidate, and cooperate together.  APKI as an organization always put its effort to be a consistent association when it comes to follow what has been stipulated  by the Government of Indonesia. Mr Huda also gave his appreciation to PAKLIM and would like to utilize further the good cooperation to enhance more the capacity of its board and member.