Friday, 13 November 2015 00:00

Coordination Meeting on MRV organised by MOEF

Jakarta, 13 November 2015. Ministry of Environment and Forestry supported by GIZ PAKLIM organized coordination meeting on MRV on 6 November 2015. The meeting was attended by representatives from related Ministries such as Development Planning Agency, MEMR, Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Industry. In addition to disseminate the national MRV framework, another aim of the coordination meeting is to obtain the update information regarding the implementation of RAN GRK from each sector.   The Director General of CCC presented MRV mechanism for RAN/RAD GRK and the outline of the President Regulation 71/2011 revision.  RAN and RAD-GRK will be verified by National MRV Team, which consist of the personnel in Directorate General of CCC and expert. The National MRV Team is established through the Director General of CCC decree number SK.8/PPI-IGAS/2015. Director of Environment from Development Planning Agency informed the update of RAN GRK in each sector based on data in September 2015 and the revision progress of President Regulation 61/2011. The representative from MEMR explained that MEMR have collected the RAN GRK data up to 2014. Meanwhile, Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Industry will give the latest detailed information of their RAN GRK to Ministry of Environment and Forestry.   As a result of this meeting, Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with related ministries will coordinate in order to conduct verification process in each sector.