Friday, 23 October 2015 00:00

Support to Participation of Ministry of Industry to the SIA International Conference

Mexico City, 12-14 October 2015.  As part of cooperation between GIZ PAKLIM and Ministry of Industry, and as part of efforts to increase awareness of Government of Indonesia and capacity to develop a national approach towards greening industrial estates in Indonesia, GIZ PAKLIM work area industry in cooperation with SFF Technology Transfer project, supported a 3-days participation of Ministry of Industry to the Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA) International Conference held at Marriot Hotel Mexico City 12-14 October 2015, to increase their understanding on the overall concept of sustainable industrial estate. Two participants as representatives from Directorate General of Industry Regional Development and also PAKLIM work area industry; had their opportunity to visit two industrial estates at Mexico City and participated in the conference as well. In this occasion, Dr. Ir Heru Kustanto, M.Si as Head of Program, Evaluation, and Reporting and Mrs Kusdarmastuti Fransisca as Head of Industrial Estate Sub-Directorate, Industrial Facilitation Development Region I, participated the event. With the theme of ”Industrial Areas: Be Competitive through Sustainability - Criteria for Best Practices”, around 150 people actively participated in the conference coming from develop and developing countries including Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Germany, USA, Egypt, Columbia, Chile, France, Bangladesh, etc. On Monday the 12th, the trip began with site visits to Industrial Park Prologis Tres Rios and Industrial park CPA Logistics Center San Martin Obispo. The visits showed examples of sustainability criteria applied in Mexican Industrial Areas, in which they use LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as one of their measures; a set of rating systems developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Later in the afternoon, a meeting at Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City was held to have a fruitful roundtable discussion on sustainable industrial issues, participated by Indonesian delegates and representatives from the embassy’s division of economic affairs.   The conference itself began at Tuesday, 13th October for two days. The conference was organised by the Mexican Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources, SEMARNAT, the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP), and supported by the GIZ Programmes COPLAN and PGAUI II. The plenary sessions of day 1 target higher level government officials, private sector representatives and experts. In this occasion, Dr. Ir Heru Kustanto, M.Si which in this case representing the Director General of Industry Regional Development, provided inputs at the plenary session with the topic of "Sustainability - What does it mean for Industrial Areas? Where do we stand in the conceptual discussion?". Dr. Heru shared the status of development of industrial estates in Indonesia as part of Ministry of Industry’s "Quick-Wins" program. After introduction by a plenary session, day 2 on 14th October provided a chance to work in parallel groups on a variety of topics related to sustainability (criteria) for Industrial Areas, and aimed at the contribution of technical experts from the relevant institutions, including from private and public stakeholders, national and international experts, and development institutions from around the world. The sessions included topic of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Stakeholder Communication, Industrial Area Management Models, and Site Master Planning.   For more information visit For more information about conference material and GIZ SIA Guideline please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.