Friday, 09 October 2015 00:00

Indonesia NAMAs Status Update

Jakarta, 6 October 2015. BAPPENAS hosted an FGD on Indonesia NAMAs Status Update with the support of GIZ PAKLIM. The FGD targets at updating status of NAMAs development and implementation in Indonesia; identifying strategy for debottlenecking barriers, empowering NAMAs developers and improving NAMAs development; as well as formulating recommendation for the next step of NAMAs development in Indonesia.  Thirty six (36) participants attended the FGD, coming from line ministries, provincial governments, Secretariat RAN-GRK, ICCTF, and development partners. Line ministries that participated were Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and Kalimantan Timur also participated in the FGD. Meanwhile, development agencies that participated were GIZ and ECN. After the opening from BAPPENAS, participants reported the latest status of NAMAs development. Twelve (12) NAMAs were reported which two of them, POME NAMA and LAMA MORRE, are new initiatives from the provincial government of Kalimantan Timur. The reported NAMAs update are NAMA SUTRI (Sustainable Urban Transportation Indonesia),  SSLI NAMA (Smart Street Lighting Initiative), Green Chiller NAMA, NAMA CAFÉ (Common Accounting Framework for Energy), DEEP NAMA  (Debottlenecking Project Finance for Least Cost Renewables in Indonesia),  Scaling-up Renewable Energy NAMA, VIMSWa NAMA (Vertically Integrated Municipal Solid Waste), Cement NAMA, TransJabodetabek NAMA, Smart Paddy Agriculture NAMA, LAMA MORRE (Mining for Rural Renewable Power – Locally Appropriate Mitigation Action),  POME LAMA (Palm Oil Mill Effluent - Locally Appropriate Mitigation Action) The ministry of Industry also reported new initiative on NAMAs development, those are: Fertilizer Industry NAMA, Pulp and Paper NAMA, and Industrial Estate NAMA. Barriers identified among others are financing mechanism and coordination among related ministries. As the follow up of this meeting, ICCTF will arrange a coordination meeting with line ministries to discuss funding options for NAMAs development.