Friday, 31 July 2015 00:00

Preparatory Meeting for Provincial GHG Emission Baseline Training Development

29 – 30 July 2015, Jakarta. In line with the review of RAN-GRK process at the national level, provincial governments are also mandated to review RAD-GRK. To start the process of RAD-GRK review, provincial GHG emission baseline needs to be reviewed. A series of training for provincial GHG emission baseline will be conducted in 3 batches to cover 34 provinces nation-wide in August 2015, supported by GIZ PAKLIM, GIZ GE LAMA I and USAID-ICED. The objective of the training is to develop capacity for provincial government in projecting GHG emission baseline, covering land-based, energy and waste sectors. As part of the preparation for the training, BAPPENAS, with the support of GIZ PAKLIM and GIZ INDC, initiated a preparatory meeting for RAD-GRK Review on 29-30 July 2015 with the national ministries, including the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Public Work, with assistance from other development agencies and organizations. The objective of the preparatory meeting is to discuss training materials/modules and organizational arrangement for the training. The preparatory meeting was facilitated by Secretariat of RAN-GRK. As a result of the discussions, in the land based sector, in order to develop provincial GHG emission baseline, the land-based working group agreed to use 2000-2010 historical data (in accordance with iNDC) and to use LUMENS as the tool. Currently, the training modul for land-based sector is under preparation with support from ICRAF. Energy working agreed to use LEAP as the tool and to provide starter packs consisting of provincial specific data required to develop the baseline. Waste working group agreed to use spread-sheet IPCC 2006 tool as training material, while at the same time the group will introduce GARUDA SUPER developed by the Ministry of Public Works for the provinces.