Tuesday, 19 May 2015 00:00

Training on Calculation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission in Fertilizer Industries

11th–13th May 2015, Bali. Industrial sector has significant contribution to the GHG emission. Industrial emissions are coming from 3 sources; (1) energy consumption; (2) Industrial Process and Product Use (IPPU); and (3) industrial waste. Related to this, Ministry of Industry (MoI) has decided 8 (eight) energy intensive industrial sub-sectors as the priority to implement GHG mitigation actions. One of the industrial sub-sectors is fertilizer industry, as it shows a high potential to reduce GHG emission and contributes to the industrial target in the RAN-GRK. To allow the companies calculating their GHG emission towards developing mitigation action plans, Ministry of Industry has started to provide capacity building on GHG emission calculation by using IPCC Guideline 2006. It was also followed by introduction on GHG online information system as a tool for Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) of GHG inventory in the industry sector. The GHG Emission Calculation Training in Bali, which was participated by 7 fertilizer companies, Ministry of Industry, and local government representatives, is part of raising awareness and capacity building for further implementation of GHG mitigation action in the industry.   Mr. Ngakan Timur Antara, acting as Head of Center for Assessment on Green Industry and Environment of Ministry of Industry, conveyed that the aim of this workshop is enable the industry to calculate GHG emission, performs GHG inventory and later on contribute to the reach of the target of GHG emission reduction in 2020. Subsequently, fertilizer industries are able to report the initiatives by online system endorsed by Ministry of Industry which then forwards it to Ministry of Environment and Forestry as the National Coordinator. On that occasion, Markus Francke acting as Team Leader of PAKLIM Work Area 2 introduced development of NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action) to the fertilizer industry and mentioned that GHG emission calculation is one of the activity towards development of NAMA. Ms. Retno Gumilang Dewi as PAKLIM national’s expert has strongly emphasized the importance of setting up the boundary for calculation before starting the inventory. Meanwhile, Ms. Tien Fabrianti Kusumasari as Ministry of Industry’s expert explained on the reporting online system. Both of the experts have facilitated the participants along the process of filling in the reporting online system. The participants were actively engaged in the training and keened to present the calculation result to the other participants.