Monday, 11 May 2015 00:00

Workshop on the Development of Baseline Review Model for Integrated Sectors (RAN-GRK Review)

  06 – 08 May 2015, Bandung. Following the government’s decision to review RAN and RAD-GRK, BAPPENAS with PAKLIM’s support has conducted a series of workshops starting from February 2015 to review RAN-GRK including baseline. The review employs system dynamics model in 4 sectors namely Energy, Waste, Industrial Processes and Products Use (IPPU), and Land-based, inviting all related ministries at the national level to contribute. In the earlier workshops, participants provided inputs on the draft structure of system dynamics models for each sector. To develop an integrated model for all sectors, a workshop on Development of Baseline Review Model for Integrated Sectors was conducted on 06 – 08 May 2015 in Bandung.                                                         The workshop was attended by 60 participants from all related ministries. The workshop agreed on the selection of data and structure of the model, as part of validation step of the integrated model. In the land-based sector, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry agreed to use land cover map – above and below ground – as the basis of GHG emission calculation. Energy sector stressed the importance of more detailed calculation on GHG emission from power plants. Meanwhile, in waste management sector, the structure of the model will be completed with waste stream data, based on waste composition.                                             The next step of the development of the baseline review is in the integration of all relevant national and sectoral policies into the model. The integrated model is expected to serve as a tool for decision makers to see the impact of policies in one sector towards the level of emissions of other sectors.