Monday, 19 September 2016 00:00

Integrated School Management Framework was Introduced to Eco-Mapping Pilot Schools

An effective fundamental framework was introduced to headmasters and teachers of two Adiwiyata mandiri schools, enlightened them in integrating climate change issue into school curricula. Ministry of Environmental and Forestry and Ministry of Education and Culture had an idea to create a program to increase the effectiveness of school management system in order to turn students into a responsible, informed and active citizen to make environmental sustainability happen in Indonesia. Reference School program was coordinated by GIZ PAKLIM to achieve those goals, piloting SMAN 6 Bekasi and SMAN 7 Malang which are Adiwiyata mandiri Schools and has completed the first cycle of eco-mapping process as well as disseminating the process to other schools. The first workshop to introduce the concept of this program commenced in the mid of May 2016, followed by second workshop aiming to reach common understanding and agreement upon school reference program activity through discussion and action plan forming. In the initial workshop held on 19 May at Athlete Century Hotel, the headmasters and teacher representatives of both pilot schools, Malang and Bekasi education agency along with MoEF and MoEC representatives were challenged to explore the values contained in curriculum 2013. In the end of event, all of the participants came into one agreement that a true education involved Hearts, Hands and Heads approaches. Continuing the spirit of environmental education, second workshop was organized on 10th and 13th of June 2016 where the teachers of SMAN 7 Malang and SMAN 6 Bekasi sat together to discuss and determined further activities to implement the concept of reference school and form real action plan to attain the output. The teachers learned to review programs organized by the school with a simple management framework ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ in order to make it more effective and impactful. It is expected that after the two workshops, the headmasters and teachers of the pilot schools would be able to evaluate their programs and lesson plan to further determined how environmental and climate change issue can be integrated.