Monday, 19 September 2016 00:00

PAKLIM Signs Cooperation Agreement with Malang Municipality

On 20 April, 2016 the heads of Malang municipal education and environmental authorities, Dra. Zubaidah (Dinas Pendidikan) and Drs. Nusul Nurcahyono (BLH) , and PAKLIM Director Stefan Bundscherer signed a cooperation agreement at Hotel Santika, Malang regarding the city's long-standing participation in PAKLIM's Climate Change Education and Awareness (CCEA) activities.   Three pilot schools in Malang helped the program upscale eco-mapping processes to another nine schools in the area. This includes an annual Green School Festival since 2014 and the upcoming Database Challenge. The latter will revolutionize how data related to waste and energy management are collected in a participatory way, using Dinas Pendidikan's Whole School approach. “Success is the best source of motivation for future activities” stated Stefan Bundscherer, refering to his expectation that the cooperation agreement will have a sustained impact on climate education and awareness among young people in Malang.