Monday, 05 September 2016 00:00

Socialization on Eco-Industrial Estate Development Guideline

As stated in Master Plan of National Industry Development Year 2015-2035, Government of Indonesia encourages the development of industrial estate/parks (IE) to escort the distribution of new industrial development in Indonesia. To achieve sustainable industrial growth, a sustainable IE, or commonly known as eco-industrial estate (EIE) shall be carried out as well. Up until now, there is no available general criteria on EIE that are accepted by all players or countries, including Indonesia. Ministry of Industry (MoI) in cooperation with GIZ through PAKLIM project develop an EIE guideline which provides appropriate information for multiple users, including industrial estate managements, government, and (potential) investors. The guideline is tailored for Indonesian local condition focus on the management level of an IE. It intends to guide the IE as a whole to become more environmental friendly and sustainable and are less dealing with the individual companies (tenants). The performance of companies inside the area is assumed to be guided by respective sector or company related rules or standards. However, a sustainability framework on estate level is likely to initiate and promote positive changes on the company level as well. Several discussions involving more than 80 relevant stakeholders had been undertaken in Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, and Medan throughout January-April 2016 to ensure that there is a common understanding and acceptance of the proposed definition, scope, and criteria. As the result, the draft guideline based on input from the discussion now is available and translated into Bahasa.  A one day workshop to socialize the guideline took place on 31 August 2016 in JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta. The workshop was participated by representative of Ministry of Industry, IE association, and more than 40 representatives of IE Management coming from different regions in Indonesia, including Java, West Sumatera, Batam and Riau island, Kalimantan. Bapak Heru Kustanto as Head of Programme & Cooperation, on behalf of Secretary General of Directorate General of Industry Regional Development, MoI, opened the workshop by presenting the draft of MoI’s overall standard on IE, which is still in development. MoI set the IE standard in minimum level, so both new and existing IE could comply with it. The draft standard addresses already the most important aspects of EIE and intends to formulate standards for accreditation of industrial estates. The aspects mentioned in the regulations including Infrastructure aspects, Management and service aspects, Environmental aspects, and Social care and community empowering aspects. In the next session, PAKLIM’s national expert, Ibu Sri Handayani and international expert, Mr. Michael Weber elaborated the guideline on Eco-Industrial Estate (EIE) Development, which was developed supported by PAKLIM, GIZ. It was mentioned that the development of the guidelines is based on the philosophy of sustainability and tries to balance economic, ecological and social aspects in industrial areas. The guideline also meant to contribute to the on-going initiative of the MoI to develop a National Industrial Estate Standard. Basically the guideline covers five guiding principles, which were derived from the three principles of sustainability: economic, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, environmental, and social aspect. Furthermore, Mr Michael also presented practical actions on how to achieve the pre-requisites within the guideline andwhich actions should be taken.   There was attractive discussion during the workshop. Many questions from the participants showed that they were curious to understand the guideline and how their IE can be a profitable business, by also considering the environmental aspect. Land ownership, waste management regulation, and economic saving potential were some of the key points discussed. The participant also shared their barriers to implement EIE and gave some ideas and recommendations to solve the problems. In the afternoon session, Bapak Heru Kustanto gave presentations to socialize the new Ministerial Regulation No 39/M-IND/PER/6/2016 on “Tata Cara Pemberian Izin Usaha Kawasan Industri dan Izin Perluasan Kawasan Industri” and No 40/M-IND/PER/6/2016 on “Pedoman Teknis Pembangunan Kawasan Industri” For further, the participants expressed their expectations of the EIE guideline could be coordinated and synchronized with other guidelines developed by other ministries such as PROPER. A need to have a pilot project of EIE as a showcase was also mentioned by the participants.   Presentation materials are publically available. Please Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for futher information.