Friday, 08 April 2016 00:00

Paklim Partner Cities received Training on GIS Software for Streetlight

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with the support of GIZ PAKLIM, in the context of Smart Street Lighting Initiative, has hosted a set of trainings on information system and energy efficiency planning for street light, aimed at disseminating how-to-use GIS streetlight software developed by ATMI, in order for cities to have proper streetlight database management digitally. This training is the first set of training out of 2 sets, where the focus for the first set is on GIS streetlight software use, while the focus for the second set is energy efficiency planning and lux analysis. The first set of trainings was held in 2 locations: in Yogyakarta, 14-16 March 2016 for Central Java region and surrounding (attended by 11 cities/districts and provincial representative) and in Malang, 22-24 March 2016 for East Java region and surrounding (attended by 10 cities/districts and provincial representative). During the discussions in the two trainings, issues raised by the participants include the difficulty in coordinating with State Electricity Company (PLN) on street light data sets, actual LED performance in the field, and challenges experienced by the trainers in mapping street light data. Regarding LED performance, it was shared that despite claims that LED lifetime reaches over 10 years, LED driver (as a inseparable component that is not sold separately by companies) tend to break down easily hence causing damage to the lamp. With this, the meeting recommended that LED driver specification is also regulated in SNI standard.   As a follow up, participants are expected to collect streetlight data sets, draw GIS map of their city administration to be integrated in the software, and prepare thorough street light data sets, to be used in the second set of training. The second set of trainings is planned to be held in May 2016 in two locations for the two regions.