Thursday, 07 April 2016 00:00

‘Terang Terangan’ Working Group formed for Electricity Saving

BATANG – Triggered from streetlight electricity bill that goes up without clear measurement, Regent of Batang Yoyok Riyo Sudibyo, Tuesday (29/03) formed Working Group for electricity saving. The Regent invited relevant stakeholders namely PLN Area Pekalongan, Mayantara, City Asia, Inc, Kirana Binangkit, P4C, Sucofindo Semarang, Sucofindo Cirebon, GIZ dan ATMI Solo to work together solving the problem. This effort is expected to make major changes in Indonesia, if the Working Group agreed and work according to their respective fields, which can produce something that can be proposed to national level. “Now it's time to start, and I, Regent of Batang commit to support the implementation of this pilot program in Batang, "he said. This effort has been proved by the District Government of Batang that can reduce hundred million of electricity bill per year or 41 % through replace streetlight with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp technology. The working group named Terang–Terangan formed to work together smartly and creative saving energy for Indonesia Bright. To solve the problem, electricity metering system, replacement of gas discharge lamp to LED and changing from cost to revenue oriented streetlight will be set up. “We agreed to implement a pilot project that not depend on government budget. After a success implementation, our target is the President issued Presidential Decree that all counties and cities in Indonesia do the same thing with what we do in Batang,” he added. Area Manager of PT PLN Pekalongan Djoko Tri H explained that the establishment of the Working Group of Terang–Terangan is a remarkable idea in overcoming electrical energy savings, particularly in street lighting. It is also in line with the program of PT PLN to foster innovation on electricity saving so that other communities can also be served. "The establishment of Working Group of Terang-Terangan is a great idea of the Regent and should we support, because it will build streetlight creatively, no longer burden for government budget but must be productive. Hopefully we can make it through this Working Group, "said Djoko