Tuesday, 16 February 2016 00:00

Eco-mapping for Central Java Scouts

Semarang, 5 August 2015 – The Green Scouts (Saka Kalpataru) of Central Java province have been learning about eco-mapping to identify local environmental challenges and then find solutions. Guided by the Central Java Environment Office and supported by GIZ PAKLIM WA3, the eco-mapping dissemination was attended by about 140 scouts during the Central Java Jamboree 2015. The session started with a presentation on environmental issues, such as climate change, shifting seasons, rising temperatures, droughts, forest fires and floods. Participants also learned about the sources, types and impacts of greenhouse gasses. The second session began with an introduction to eco-mapping, a student-centered experiential learning approach, designed around the Ecomapping© toolbox – a visualized audit method based on the premise that 85% of environmental information is location-based. This was followed by an introduction to curricula mapping, where climate change issues are integrated into the curriculum.  Focus was given on the use of the Ecomapping toolbox. The session continued with an environmental audit of the jamboree campsite. This enabled the scouts to identify problems and start discussing possible solutions. Considering the five key issues of the Indonesian Green School Program (Adiwiyata) – water, waste, energy, sustainable consumption, and biodiversity – the scouts identified three main areas: 1.       Waste management 2.       Energy conservation 3.       Water management At the end of the event, Green Scouts member Asrul encouraged the participants to take action to protect the environment to mitigate the effects of climate change. “At this moment, the Earth is suffering from climate change – uncertain seasons, forest fires, floods – and we feel it! Using an environmental audit, we can easily identify which problems we need to work on. Nothing will help the environment if you can’t act now!” he declared.