Thursday, 22 October 2015 00:00

Tackling Climate Change through Public Participation in Kestalan

SURAKARTA – PAKLIM supports the development of community-based mitigation and adaptation actions which is an important step towards addressing climate change. Community-based mitigation and adaptation actions can start at Kampong level in order to establish climate friendly and climate resilient Kampong. In cooperation with BLH in Surakarta as well as various stakeholders, PAKLIM targets the implementation of a local action plan at Kampong level through an integrated management system. On the 15th of October, the first FGD (Focus Group Discussion) for community-based mitigation and adaptation actions was held in Kandang Doro, Kestalan.The objective of the FGD I was to identify and verify the current problems of the area through a participatory approach with the local community. As adaptation to climate change in urban areas like Surakarta is being exacerbated as a result of dense and limited space, one main finding indicated a lack of green open space for community activities and recreation. Additionally, the community expressed a wish for a communal waste bank since waste is not being separated properly. In the end, they specifically uttered insufficient and unhygienic sanitation facilities because of the discharge of human waste in the nearby river. The solution on how to face the ongoing challenges in terms of an insufficient sanitation, waste and water system have yet to be found. The upcoming FGD II by the end of this month will aim at integrating both - the interests of the local community as well as a problem solving approach from SKPD.