Thursday, 03 September 2015 00:00

UQ and UGM Students Learn Climate Change Policy Development in Indonesia

6 July 2015, Yogyakarta – University of Queensland of Australia and University of Gajah Mada jointly conducted an International Field Course on Disaster Management. The course was conducted in Yogyakarta from 6 to 10 July 2015 which consist of lecturing and site visit session and participated by nearly 50 students and lecturers of both universities. In the lecturing session, PAKLIM was invited to present climate change and policy respond in Indonesia since climate change has been influenced to Indonesia vulnerability. Dr. Boby Setiawan who moderated the discussion introduced PAKLIM and also other resource person namely Deva Swasto, Jati Mardiyatno, and Ikaputra of UGM Architecture Department as well as Tanti of Habitat for Humanity. In his presentation, M. Nurhadi, Working Area Manager of PAKLIM emphasized the position of Indonesia in the climate change negotiation. Since Indonesia is one of the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and at the same time vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, the Indonesia government committed to reduce emissions and improve climate change resilient. Indonesian Government has set up national policy framework for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Further to that, local governments and private sectors are being integrated to combat climate change. In the discussion, many participants questioned the concrete form of commitment and its effectiveness in policy implementation. Dr. Karen McNamara as coordinator of the course appreciated sharing experience of PAKLIM. She remarked the important role of international organization such as GIZ and Habitat for Humanity in assisting government to reduce risk especially from new trigger such as climate change. By this support many local and national governments have recognised the link between disaster management and climate change so that the climate change risk could be managed.