PAKLIM supported KLHK in conducting MRV of RAN-GRK in Energy Sector

December 11, 2014. As a follow up of Minister of Environment Regulation Number 15/2013 concerning MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification), Ministry of Environment (now becomes Ministry of Environment and Forestry) conducted the first MRV pilot implementation on MER (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting) of RAN-GRK Energy Sector. The process and the result of its MRV were presented at a meeting on December 11, 2014. The meeting was attended by MEMR as the party in charge of RAN-GRK energy sector, RAN-GRK Secretariat as RAN-GRK coordinator, and expert from ITB as one of the verifier supporting the Ministry of Environment. The process of conducting MRV in RAN-GRK energy sector is supported by GIZ and UNDP Third National Communication. RAN-GRK energy sector was verified using MRV instruments including checklist of verification, quality data and accuracy data evaluation. This MRV instrument was further explained in the Ministry of Environment presentation. GIZ Paklim consultant has undertaken verification process through interviews and desk review. The result of the MRV of MER RAN-GRK Energy sector shows that from 13 mitigation actions in MER RAN-GRK energy sector, only 7 mitigation actions completely passed the verification process and 2 mitigation actions passed the verification process with a note. Therefore there are differences between the emission reduction claimed in MER RAN-GRK submitted to RAN-GRK Secretariat and emission reduction in the verified MER RAN-GRK. In 2010, emission reduction after verification is lower 3% from emission reduction claimed. Meanwhile in 2011-2012 emission reduction after verification is higher 18% and 32% compare to emission reduction claimed. These differences are caused by different activity data and emission factor used in the emission reduction calculation.   There are lessons learned from the implementation of pilot testing of MRV, that can be recommended for improving both the MRV process itself and also MER RAN-GRK reporting. For improving MRV process, there a need to speed up the establishment of National MRV Committee,  provide legal basis for verifiers, establish certification mechanism to be integrated with National Registry System, and conduct ground checking/site visit verification. For the improvement of MER RAN-GRK, there is a need to enhance data quality (including detailed activity data and emission factor), update emission reduction methodology, strengthen the monitoring and reporting system and coordination among Ministries for cross sectoral mitigation action.