Integrated Climate Change Strategy in Pekalongan


Pekalongan City

Greenhouse Gases Profile and Climate Change Strategy





Pekalongan economic structure is dominated by trade, hotels and restaurants, and industrial sector. The contribution of the trade, hotels and restaurants is up to 27.13%, while the manufacturing sector is 20.87%. 

GHG emissions profile by sectors

Total GHG emissions of Pekalongan City in 2012 reached 656,068.2 tons CO2e consisting of 540,567.63 tonnes CO2e from energy; 11383.81 tonnes of CO2e  from agriculture, forestry and land use reached; and 104,116.78 tonnes of CO2e from waste management sector. While the process and industrial products sector are not counted in this inventory report due to data limita-tions. The proportion of GHG source in Pekalongan in 2012 can be seen in Figure

GHG emissions Trend 

In aggregate, the amount of GHG emissions in Pekalongan City is dominated by from energy sector emissions followed by waste sector. The increasing of energy sector émission is the highest in 2012. While waste sector emissions is in line with the growth rate of the urban population because the calculation waste sector is closely linked to population data.


Tabel. Greenhouse Gases Composition of Pekalongan City Year 2008 - 2012

Based on the type of GHG emissions, CO2 emissions is still the largest contributor for GHG total followed by CH4 and N2O. 


Commitment of Pekalongan City 

To achieve the goal Pekalongan City Government in the face of climate change impacts in the future, Pekalongan City is com-mitted to

Increasing the resilience of city and government to climate change impacts and risks while participating to reduce GHG emissions from government operations up to 20% and all development activities up to 15% in 2020.



To achieve the goal, Pekalongan city  has set 8 Pekalongan City Strategic Plan on Climate Change as shown above




GHG reduction Emmissions



BAU, Inventory and Emission Reduction





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