Integrated Climate Change Strategy in Salatiga


The City of Salatiga

GHG Emissions Profile and Climate Change Strategies




Salatiga at Glance 

Salatiga lies in the foot of Mounth Merbabu, 750 – 850 meters above sea level. It is a mountanious area with beautiful scenary of Mounth Merbabu, Ungaran, Telomoyo, and Pening Lake. It has high rainfall and raindays with low temperature. 

Total area of Salatiga is only 56,78 Km2 and traversed by Semarang-Surakarta corridor. With its position, Salatiga generate its income from commerce, hotel, and restaurant activities. It is indicated in the economic structure of gross domestic product. Economic structure of Salatiga is dominated by commerce, hotel, and restaurant sector while manufacture industry is in the second position. Contribution of commerce, hotel, and restaurant sector to the city’s domestic product is 19% while manufacture industry sector is 17% as shown below


Economic Structure of Salatiga in 2012


GHG Emissions Profile and Trend

Salatiga emitted 439.401 ton CO2e in 2012 with the highest contribution from Energy Generation and Use sector 439.401 ton CO2e; Agriculture, Forestry, and Landuse sector produced sink equal to 6.360 ton CO2e; and Waste Management Sector 58.721 ton CO2e. Industrial Process and Product Use sector is not estimated since there is not activities are reported. 


Sectoral Composition of GHG Emissions


In aggregat, GHG emissions tend to increase in the period of 2008-2012. In 2008, GHG emissions is reported about 397.000 ton CO2e. In 2009, GHG emission status decreased to 353.000 ton CO2e but afterward GHG emissions increased constantly. The main increasing source is the use of energy and waste management while in AFOLU sector, land cover contribute to reduce emission eventhough up and down during the period.


Trend of GHG Emission Growth



The growth of GHG emissions are caused by the increase of energy consumption and population. Energy consumption is dominated by the use of electricity.

According to the type of gases, GHG emissions are mostly dominated by CO2. CH4 is in the second position while N2O is only minor. Other type of gas is not reported. Detail gases composition is shown in the below

Composition of GHG gases per type of gas



Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

In order to respond climate change risk and it causes, Salatiga has developed climate change strategy involving all development stakeholders. Salatiga declares its commitment to :

"Improving the resilient the City of Salatiga toward climate change impacts and reducing GHG emissions by 8% from business as usual by 2020"

To achieve its commitment, Salatiga formulated strategies and action plans. The strategy is to guide not only city government agencies but also community, private  sectors and other development stakeholders. Each strategy consist a set of action plans.

The seven climate change strategy formulated by Salatiga


Commitment and Climate Change Strategy

  1. Improving availability and access of water especially to drought vulnerable areas and communities
  2. Preventing and controlling of climate associated deseases. The main focus is desease from mosquito vector such as DBD
  3. Increasing quantity and quality of green open spaces with various functions (multi-purpose green open spaces).
  4. Promoting and implementing energy efficiency in public, private and community building and facilities.
  5. Improving mass transportation management with integration of non-motorized transportation modes and pedestrian ways
  6. Promoting resource efficiency in production process and waste minimization in industry
  7. Improving waste management system in both solid and liquid by promoting reduce, reuse and recycle.

Some strategies have been implemented by relevant agencies using the city budget. The city also promote and encourage private sector to contribute to climate change action. Currently, the city is initiating CSR marketplace to connect CSR to climate actions.




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