Integrated Climate Change Strategy in Malang

GHG Emission and Climate Change Strategy Malang City



City GHG Emission

GHG Emission for Kota Malang on 2010 estimated 1.224.225 ton CO2e consist of energy consumption 1.008.229 ton CO2e from energy sector, 209.846 ton CO2e from waste management, and 12.045 ton from waste sector, and 6.150 from AFOLU sector.


GHG Emission trend

Energy consumption estimated growing higher then other sector in GHG Inventory, and can be seen on the following table :


Commitment of Malang City

As commitment in mitigating and adaptation for climate change impact, the city government aim for the following objective:

"To establish resilient Malang city to Climate Change by imple-menting integrated strategy to reduce 6% of GHG emission on 2020"


Climate Change Strategy

To achieve this objective, Malang develop 7 strategy as compila-tion of action plan regarding climate change, as follows :

  • Energy Efficiency thorugh technology utilization on wa-ter supply
  • Increased public health service
  • Develop and manage Green Open Space for water con-servation
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  • Utilizaiton of technology and alternative energy in ener-gy efficiency
  • Improve solid and waste water management
  • Control and monitoring for air pollution


Energy Efficient Streetlight

Conventional Streetlight Replacement with LED as a NAMA approach to NAMA GHG Mitigation Action Plan in cooperation with OSRAM by promoting low emission streetlight and piloted at Kota Malang, Tugu Area in front of cityhall.

The benefit in using LED as an energy efficient street-light can be seen from energy cost and CO2 saving on the following chart 

The investment will be cost recovery from the saving gained of electric bills, and the payback period can be seen on the following chart

Cooperation with GIZ and PT OSRAM Indonesia, Kota Malang have installed 14 streetlights near City Hall and Tugu Monument with LED and Solar Panel.

Installed LED as Energy Efficient Streetlights




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Jl. Tugu No. 1, Kota Malang 65119

Jawa Tengah, Indonesia